Who are We

PaDen Network is an innovation hub that rides on the beauty of the arts, and digital media, to empower communities to tell their stories.

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Our Programs

Through ‘Generation Z’, ‘Action for Cli mate Together (ACT)’ and ‘Singing from the Tallest Trees’, Paden Network’s three anchor programs, community assets are activated, and the youth mobilized, to be bedrocks for citizens centered development – creating a movement that is both bottom-up, and drawing from community wisdom and solidarity.

Our Team

Vimbai Mukome
Board Member

A natural leader, heavily involved in student organizing at the University of Zimbabwe where she is in the final year of her Medical studies. She has performed beyond expectations overseeing the governance of Chaseka Comedy, which is Paden Network’s program. She brings to the board her community organizing skills especially in student movement settings.

Matthew Takaona
Board Member

A former president of the Zimbabwe Union of Journalists and chief consultant with the ‘the Mirror’, he brings vast experience in mass media and communications gained over decades. Currently, he is the chairman of the Community Newspaper Association of Zimbabwe.

Valerie Jeche
Board Member

Valerie is a seasoned community mobiliser and academic. She brings her illustrious experience in the women movement to the board. She is an academic, having specialized in political science, and will help in better shaping the organization’s governance and democracy programming.

Munya ‘Bloggo' Dodo
Board Member

Munya is a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow, chief editor of Open ParlyZW (a citizen journalism platform in Zimbabwe) and program lead for Digital X (Magamba Network’s flagship program). He brings to the board rich experiences in the use of the digital technologies for activism.

Comrade Fatso
Organization Development Advisor

The founder of Magamba Network, Zimbabwe’s most dynamic organization working on cutting edge culture, media, activism, and innovation. As the Creative Director of Magamba Network, the organization incubating PaDen Network, his experience is helping in better shaping internal administrative designs and programming capacity.

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