By some structured design, our programs are largely youth driven and inclusive, more importantly, we use a human rights approach in modeling our activities. PaDen believes that the youth are not only the leaders of tomorrow but engines for social development today. Thus, by riding on the youth dividend, the youth can become vocal about the solutions they believe ought to be in place. Through satire and other art forms, PaDen Network seeks to dramatize both community problems and solutions in ways that draws the attention of policy makers. This way, our programming will help create communities where the youth, women, and other minorities are not only respected and tolerated, but actively supported to contribute to local development.


Gazaland Police Station

A satirical show that dramatizes systematic corruption within the police force. It also seeks to awaken citizens to their own agency in the accountability matrix. This is a collaboration between PaDen Network and Magamba TV, a production which reaches out to over 400, 000 youth monthly.


Chaseka Comedy & Festival

This is a platform for college and university comedians to use the power of the spoken word to influence the student movement. Through this project, PaDen has been hosting some of the biggest stand-up comedians and satirist in the country.


School of Satire

This is a platform that hones the skills of young talented satirists with a special vocation to influence their generation. This is a Magamba Network project, where Paden Network has been assigned to nurture some of the hopefuls. This program is helping PaDen to improve its programming and understanding of arts for change


Audio Satire Show

The talk show dramatizes and summarise current affairs and package them in talk show format. This show features both upcoming and prominent comedians and satirists offering their take on current affairs, serving as a summary of that month’s happenings. The show also focuses on different calls to action that highlight and invite young people to participate in national processes. This is a collaboration between Simuka Comedy, Madhorofiya Republic, Magamba TV and Paden Network


Our projects are informed by our key strategic pillars


The youth are awake to the reality that a health future for humanity depends on the action we take now to mitigate the effects of climate change and broaden the solutions base that reduces greenhouse gases. Aware of that, Paden Network has seized its closeness to the youth as an opportunity to nurture climate activists that uses the arts to impress upon the powers that be to act on climate.


Zimbabwe’s civic and political space can be freer, more inclusive and tolerant if citizens and other actors demands the same. Paden sees a tolerant democracy as an outcome of non-violent activism that is rooted in the arts. Paden’s thrust is to activate hyper local artist networks that push for democracy and participatory governance at local levels.


Paden subscribes to the notion that broad-based and pro-poor social development occurs when minorities, and the powerless such as women, the disabled, and the youth are involved in development processes. To this end, the organisation will prioritize programs with an explicit strategy that seeks to empower them.


Our continent's future lies in the youth, therefore PaDen Network seeks to empower young people to be architects of the future they want to live in.